Saturday, September 13, 2014

What A Lot We Got

A lot of new images - all in one day!
Rick St Dennis has been on a mega roll - that pen and he have been smooooooooking. 
How many new images have come into being? 
Well the EDT have been hard pushed to keep up and provide you with some coloured examples for sure. That's one man versus nine gals (loosely termed as we're all young at heart).
Also, have you seen the news that Rick announced on his blog last Sunday? If you missed it hop on over and read it. So much going on, it's no wonder that we're all super excited.

As I said - us Gals of the EDT have been hard pushed to keep up and the images are being released into the shops at Zibbet and Etsy. This is in addition to the four that were released last week as a little tease.
Here's just a taster.............
For your convenience the links are colour coded
Blue for Zibbet
Red for Etsy

If you're seeing this today - Saturday 13th September - head on over to our Facebook group and join in some of the fun where there will be some free images up for grabs

Teresa using Freddie Fullmoon or Freddie Fullmoon

Bonnie using Cindy or Cindy
Bonnie using Tippy TinPail or Tippy Tinpail
Bonnie using Meena Vampyr or  Meena Vampyr

Monique using Freddie Fullmoon or Freddie Fullmoon

Aletha using “Flower Girl” or Flower Girl
Aletha using “Rapunzel” or Rappunzel
Aletha using Cindy or Cindy

Helen with one of last week's roll-out - in case you missed it
Zombie Boy or Zombie boy
Goddess of Youth 0r Goddess of Youth
Icon or Icon
Sadie or Sadie

Monique with 2 images of last weeks roll out, in case you missed them
Krazy Queen 2 or Krazy Queen 2
Halloween Turtle or Halloween Turtle
and the new images
Deborah or Deborah
Debbie or Debbie
Billie or Billie

Karen played with some of the new images too
Here is Cindy or Cindy
Flower Girl or Flower Girl
Freddie Fullmoon or Freddie Fullmoon
Meena Vampyr or Meena Vampyr
and last but not least Zombie Boy along with a card

Lady B using Zombie Boy Or Zombie Boy
Lady B using Aurelia Gardenpatch Fairy or Aurelia Gardenpatch



Catz said...

How much fun are these?!!? :)

DonnaMundinger said...

Love, love, LOVE the new release! Even the non dark ones. LOL Fab work by the team. Having fun on FB. xxD

Gail said...

these are awesome!! many faves..wtg dt..coloring is super..tfs..huggzz

~Lady B~ said...

Well done, ladies and Rick, and what a fabulous assortment in the shops! I'm blown away at the amount of awesome new images!

Monique Van dijk said...

looks GREAT all. !!!!!

Deborah Frings said...

Love Willaworm Witchypoo! And I think I have to have Deborah too! Wonderful work!

Ellis said...

Fabulous new releases and amazing coloring you all have done! =)
Hugs, Elenor

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